We Are Save The Books Kids

Welcome all. It has been more than a joy creating this brand and helping so many people. The best part has to be the hopeful everlasting positive effect that will seep deep into coming generations allowing for more love and positivity to be spread and enjoyed than ever before. 

Not only does Save The Books Kids fund and support local and nationwide artists: a portion of EVERY subscription goes to helping children in need with food, water, clothing, shelter, knowledge resources, and so much more. Our goal is to create our own charity strictly to aid children in self development and advancement. Here at STBK we are firm believers in leading horses to books. Our goal is to help those who are willing and wanting to put in the effort to be and see the best version of themselves; however they may picture it to be. 

Or maybe we selfishly want our upcoming generation to be extremely intelligent and aware so they can finally give us hover cars and jet packs before were 80!! ROFL!! We are a blog designed to help others realize truth, gain knowledge, be happy, and simply to enjoy life. So please, see what our site has to offer and if your feeling generous check out some of our subscriptions.

Thank You So Much,

Save The Books Kids



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