We plan to give and teach knowledge with the true intent to help ever reader become a better person in their own way.


What is our mission?

We plan to empower communities, build relationships, and diminish hatred by helping others become aware of their power through knowledge.

We will make an impact that will forever positively affect the lives of countless others due to the sacrifice and effort we gladly put forth!



Here at Save The books Kids, we value knowledge over currency. (Really quick if you could only have one, which would you choose?) With that being said we strive to provide useful information to benefit the well being of others. Whether they use and implement the information gained here or simply retain it and pass it to someone who will.


We simply want information to be available with no bias or malicious intent. One thought we all know and wish we never had to think is "Man I wish I would have known this back in the day." That is the information we strive to provide. As well as some humorous truths of the world. Now although we are just kicking things off, we will make an impact every day. So please, stick along for the ride.


We have 9 subscriptions total. A $5, $8, and $10 option. Each with the choice of 3, 6, or 12 months to be subscribed. The $5 subscription comes with 5 books, only $1/book. $1 from EVERY $5 sub. every month, goes to our charity fund. Our $8 option comes with 6 books, $1/book, plus a $2 donation straight to the charity funds. $10 option? You may have guessed it. 7 books $1/book, plus a $3 donation. The $8 and $10 option still receive the initial $1 donation. The 5 & fund will allow subscribers to receive just 5 books for the higher subscriptions and allow the rest of the funds to be donated. (Please specifically request on the feedback form.)


Now we would like to be very clear here. EVERY penny and dollar designated to the charity fund goes to a general account where it stays and grows. Every month we donate the ENTIRE account to Saint Jude Children's Research Hospital. For those unaware, it is a pediatric treatment and research facility focused on children's catastrophic diseases, particularly leukemia and other cancers. The hospital costs about $2.8 million a day to run; patients are not charged for their care. The portion that is not donated goes to the purchase of books, organization fees, i.e website, time investment, and bi weekly pizza parties! (= As well as any other miscellaneous charges that come with the organization.


Your books will be delivered in pdf format via email up to 3 days after subscription purchase, then again monthly on the original purchase day. For every subscribers 1st month, we recommend our random pack. An array of genres that you may raise an interest in. (If you don't want the random pack and would like to choose your genres, we understand. Please fill out our feedback form prior to your purchase.) After your first two weeks, we will send an email to see how you are doing as well as direct you to our site to choose your preferences. 


For any other questions please ask. We will soon ad a FAQ page so feel free to include any input you may have. 


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