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Interesting FAT on the head you may have never known was there!!

Updated: Aug 24, 2020

You ever been at a party or with friends and had an awkward silence and thought. “Man i really wish i had a funny joke or at least something clever to say.”? Well do you? That’s because uze a lame and you should go to clown school foo. Nah im playin. It just means you human homie. I was just checkin’. I'm still gon’ keep me eye on you tho’.

Here are possibly some of the most hilarious, interesting facts to tell your friends.

A wise man once said "those who read this blog post are some really cool people." Here at Save The Books Kids, we agree with that wise man. We also appreciate his wisdom and your kind eyes. Read on brothas and sistas.. Read on!

Here's some outrageously hilarious and interesting facts to get you through the next weird meeting with the in-laws. Uughh.. Or when you're with that one friend that no one really likes.. Double ughh. Or even if you just need to brush up on some new material for the old homies and homiettes. Dig these blues:

1. A raisin dropped in a glass of fresh champagne will bounce up and down continuously from the bottom of the glass to the top. This just seems like the perfect excuse to drop a raisin in everyone's champagne at a party. “One for you and one for you." They'd be like “HEY!!.. Heeeyyy”

2. Approximately 40,000 Americans are injured by toilets each year. Luckily that's only a drop in the toilet of the United States population, Nevertheless, it a fairly embarrassing # as a country.

3. If a female ferret does not have sex for a year, she will die. Wow. Now that's what I call population control. Take a note congress. Just kidding. Although, if it were men.. I’d consider it. Also just kidding. Maybe. Totally.

4. Ketchup was sold in the 1830s as medicine. Believe it or not. Ketchup was sold in pill form to the populous along with the belief that it would cure athletes foot and wait for it.. … . BALDNESS. Its just good to know that the pharma industry didn't just now become corrupt.

5. Nicholas Cage bought a pet octopus once because he sincerely thought it might help with his acting. Hey I cant say anything here i wanna buy a monkey just because i think it would be cool. Luckily my state allows it. Now just to find the vendor. *rubs hands together maliciously.

6. Nicholas Cage also once did magic mushrooms with his cat. OK. Alright. Can't say that I wouldn't do the same with Bobaba. Bonus fact. Ethnologist and psychedelics advocate Terence McKenna posited that psilocybin caused the primitive brain’s information-processing capabilities to rapidly reorganize, which in turn kick-started the rapid evolution of cognition that led to the early art, language, and technology written in Homo sapiens’ archaeological record.”

7. Steve Jobs relieved stress by soaking his feet in Apple’s company toilets. Yeaahh. Ima just leave this right here.

8. There is enough sperm in one single man to impregnate every woman on earth. No men this is not a challenge. Just a fact. I once knew a student who received in-school suspension when an English teacher told him he was sitting there doing nothing. His response was “actually i'm hard at work producing thousands of sperm right now if you don't mind. Thank you very much.” I felt so bad for the kid because it was not only a true fact but we had just learned it 2 periods before in biology. He was suspended from class for repeating a true fact learned in class.?.. I wonder what happened to that cute guy? Oh well..

9. It is impossible to sneeze with your eyes open. Now this is a challenge for men. You're gonna want to use pepper and be sure your camera is recording before your multiple attempts. Good luck.

10. France was still executing people by guillotine when the first Star Wars movie came out. Well to be frank, i’m a little jealous of the entertainment children got to witness while im over here watching grown men play with lasers. I had to wait so long before just an arm was cut off. They saw disembodiment for breakfast.

11. All swans in England belong to the queen. Dang Mrs. Queen lady. Can a brother get a swan. Also one of them slick mofos ran up in my picnic and ruined my day. The governments gotta pay for that. I'm emotionally distraught and them was some good groceries Mrs. Lady. Dang --- Dang- a poem by a humble individual in England clearly just tryna enjoy some groceries

12. It is estimated that millions of trees are planted by forgetful squirrels that buried their nuts. Yo i just wanna give a shout out to all the forgetful squirrels in the world. Yall da best. Even if y'all are secretly very intelligent and doing the handy work of mother earth and being true to nature. That's even cooler and you get all my respect. And I'm sorry to that one squirrel i busted in the head and most likely body when i was younger. If your reading this. I was young and dumb and i apologize. You didn't deserve that. Guys i hit this squirrel really hard SOO unintentionally. I felt so bad. It was a little funny at the time though.

13. Judge Judy makes $45 million a year. Does Judge Judy need an assistant? Maybe a back rubber? Somebody to talk to? A homie homie? I’m here for you Judge Judy. For the small fee of 1.5 million a year. Ain't nun. Call me.

And last but definitely not the least. Ladies and gentlemen. Drum roll please!!!!!!

14. You can’t say happiness without saying “this is a family friendly blog and please subscribe!”

Go out and win that conversation!!

Now you are more than well equipped to be the life of the party. Courtesy of Save The Books Kids. So go drop as many raisins as you can in as many champagne glasses as you can. Just show up to happy hour around brunch time and get some accuracy practice on the dining room floor. Or you can help my boy Robin Hood and I take back some of them swans from the queen and give em' to the poor. Until Then. Thank you so much for reading. Be happy and be healthy all. Peace.

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